August 18, 2023

Why do Dogs Love Wool and Sheepskins so much?

Why do Dogs Love Wool and Sheepskins so much?

What makes wool superior? Why do dogs love it? How do I know my dog will love a wool bed or sheepskin? Continue reading to find out why...

Nothing quite symbolises comfort as much as seeing your canine companion snuggling into a natural sheepskin rug, sighing contently with eyes shut tight. But why exactly do dogs love wool and sheepskins? Is it the impeccable comfort it offers, the unique aroma, or is there some instinctual draw towards these particular textiles?

Why dogs love wool and sheepskins

Dogs have an innate love for wool and sheepskins, and for good reasons. Both these natural substances offer a myriad of benefits that are seemingly tailored for these furry friends.

NZ Wool

New Zealand Wool, also known as NZ wool, is recognized worldwide for its superior quality. Dogs often gravitate towards this due to its super-soft feel, replicating the warmth and comfort of their mother's fur. There's something sensationally soothing about the texture that dogs find irresistible.

Natural Sheepskin Rugs

Natural sheepskin rugs, like the NZ wool, provide unmatched warmth and comfort to dogs. These sheepskins are especially appealing due to their hypoallergenic properties, which help guard dogs against allergies and skin irritations. Besides, they have a unique aroma that dogs find appealing.


As mentioned above, both NZ wool and natural sheepskin rugs are hypoallergenic. This means they are less prone to inducing allergic reactions commonly caused by synthetic materials. Can your dogs get any safer? 


There's no denying that comfort is a priority for our furry friends, and wool and sheepskins don't disappoint. They regulate temperature well, keeping your pet warm during winter and cool during summer. Could they ask for anything more?


We also have to add that both wool and sheepskins are 100% natural, renewable, and biodegradable, leaving a minimal environmental footprint! Even better.


Dogs love wool and sheepskins not just because they’re comfortable and cozy, but because they cater to their holistic wellbeing, both physically and mentally.