Care Instructions

To ensure your Life of Riley bed lasts many years, please follow these instructions for care. Our products are handmade from natural materials so they require extra gentle care.
It is important to air the bed regularly and to flip it as often as possible. 
As the wool isn’t designed to get wet - We recommend that you purchase one of our waterproof mattress protectors if you are using the bed for puppy crate training or have an incontinent dog etc


Product Washing Instructions
Outer Corduroy Cover

Cold delicate machine wash on a cool cycle (or hand wash) We recommend using our Life of Riley "Laundry Wash"

Hang inside out to dry in the shade (not direct sunlight)- Do not dry in the dryer.

If you have a limited edition leather tag on your bed (spice or Ivory) DO NOT SOAK or the colour will bleed from the tag.

Because our covers are made from 100% cotton please don't leave them out in the sun for extended periods of time. In the long run, all fabric colours eventually fade in sunlight but cotton tends to fade easier than polyester.

White Insert Mattress

The inner mattress can be spot cleaned only. DO NOT remove the wool from the white inner lining and DO NOT machine wash the inner. The zip is only there for when they are manufactured, it is not designed to have the wool removed.

The inner can also be sprayed with nature’s miracle/odorex if needed to remove stains or odours. As the bed is natural It is important to air the inner mattress regularly in the sunshine whenever you wash the cover. Make sure to dry outside properly before putting the cover back on.

IMPORTANT: If the wool is removed from the inner liner, you will find it extremely difficult to put it back in to lay flat again. There is also a high chance you will break the zip. We can sell replacement inner liners if this happens, but please be aware that this will be at your own expense.

Snuggle Sausages

These can be sponged or hand washed in cool water but do not agitate. You can use a very gentle wash on a wool cycle with a low spin (low spin is very important or the wool will move)

Lay flat to completely dry in the shade.

Machine washable on a gentle/cool cycle. Hang out to dry in the shade (not direct sunlight) - Do not dry in the dryer.
Woollen Blankets

Gentle wash if necessary on a cool wool cycle or hand wash. It is better not to wash them too often. Hang out to dry in the shade (not direct sunlight) - Do not dry in the dryer.

Brushing wool is the best way to clean it.

Sheepskin Rugs

Regular vigorous shaking and brushing the skins with a wire brush will help to maintain and restore the natural soft product appearance. Regular vacuuming on medium suction using standard nozzle attachment only. Do not use rotating vacuum head attachment.

Washing: Stone and Ivory coloured products ONLY – we do NOT recommend complete immersion cleaning coloured products. Machine wash: using warm water at max 38°C/100°F temperature. Hand washing: Complete immersion clean using warm water at max 38°C/100°F temperature. Only use NON-ionic mild liquid detergents. Do not use non-alkaline products. Do not use products containing biological enzymes or bleach. Spot Cleaning By Hand Spot clean using soft cloth. Use warm water at max 38°C/100°F temperature. Clean affected area using moist soft cloth in circular motion, starting on outside of the area and working into centre, using dry cloth apply pressure to dry. Dry-cleaning For coloured products we recommend dry-cleaning ONLY. Please use a professional dry-cleaning service.

Drying Products should be line or flat-dried only. Do not tumble dry. Do not force dry. Do not dry in direct sunlight. The product should be pulled back into its original size and shape while damp prior to drying. We recommend brushing using a medium wire pet brush first while the product damp and then again when completely dry to encourage the original fluffy appearance.