November 18, 2022

The Importance of a Good Dog Bed

The Importance of a Good Dog Bed

As humans, there might be nothing more that we love more (and nothing more important), than a good night’s rest in a comfortable bed. Time and time again, studies have shown the importance of quality sleep. But what about for dogs? Dogs, on average, need more sleep than a person does, which means a good dog bed is essential for their health and happiness. Here’s everything you need to know about the importance of a good dog bed.

Why Do Dogs Need a Good Bed?

Dogs need a good bed for the same reasons humans do: quality of sleep. According to the Sleep Foundation, an adult dog on average needs between eight to 14 hours a day of sleep. Dogs also tend to sleep at night alongside their owners, which means they’re committed to following your schedule! By investing in a quality dog bed, you’re reinforcing good behaviour by encouraging your dog to sleep throughout the night.

Dogs also need a good dog bed for their joint health, according to the American Kennel Club. As dogs age – especially bigger breeds – they become more prone to issues like hip dysplasia and arthritis. A good dog bed helps support a dog’s joints as they age, as inferior bedding or laying on hardwood floors can have negative consequences.


The Perks of Wool Dog Beds

Good dog beds have their perks for you as well. A quality dog bed is easy to clean and can last a lifetime. A one time investment can help your dog sleep better, have their own comfy space, and provide ease of cleaning. 

Wool beds, like our Wool Filled Dog Bed, are made for happiness, health, comfort, and longevity. Wool fibres are ideal for dog beds since they’re thermoregulatory, meaning they stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wool absorbs moisture in the air according to the temperature, which is why it has been a popular choice for bedding and clothing for decades. 

Wool is additionally highly durable, resistant and adapts to the elements, and is widely considered hypoallergenic. It’s also odour resistant, meaning that even dogs who love to play dirty, will have a hard time making wool stink, compared to traditional and cheaper common bedding alternatives, like memory foam.

Memory foam tends to also absorb a lot of heat, making it less suitable for hotter climates, like Australia. Wool beds are the premium dog beds when it comes to warmer and hotter environments. We are now shipping to Australia so your dog can experience the magic of wool bedding!

Wool bedding is also fairly easy to clean. With our Wool Filled Dog Bed’s machine washable cover, weekly deep cleans have never been easier. Dog beds often get neglected during weekly cleanings because they’re nearly impossible to wash or require delicate care. At Life of Riley, we understand that dogs are dogs and they’re going to get their paws dirty…

We also offer waterproof mattress protectors - These handy elastic fitted mattress protectors are made to fit perfectly over our wool mattresses to keep the wool mattress dry and clean in case of small accidents.The protectors are machine washable and can be placed over the inner inside the cover of the bed or simply place over the entire bed and cover.



It’s no secret that a dog really is man’s best friend. That being said, it’s important that our pups have the same luxury of comfortable, adaptive, and quality bedding. With our premium dog beds, we hope to continue to provide the coziest bedding for your dog’s much needed sleep, in New Zealand, Australia, and beyond!