November 18, 2022



We believe that Wool-filled dog beds are superior to other dog beds for many reasons… Function, comfort, resiliency, the list goes on… But beyond that, what are the sustainable reasons why we choose wool for our dog beds? And what else are we doing at The Life of Riley to be more eco-friendly?

While other brands tend to go for cheap, unsustainable options, we have put in a lot of effort to prioritise sustainability and accountability wherever we can.

Why NZ Wool-Filled Dog Beds? Why It's Better for the planet than Other Beds?

Wool Is Sustainable: Because sheep grow and regrow their wool every year, it is a renewable, natural fibre that makes it the most sustainable source of bedding and clothing around. Wool is also incredibly versatile - it's warm in the winter but surprisingly breathable in the summer. And because sheep wool is a sustainable fibre, it's a responsible choice for our planet.

Wool is Biodegradable: Wool is among the few natural fibres that can be fully biodegraded. This means that it doesn't end up in the oceans and it gets completely absorbed into the ground. This is a positive side effect of wool that we often take for granted, but it's important to keep in mind because common synthetic fibres do not biodegrade and instead just get broken down into smaller and smaller pieces, causing them to accumulate in landfill and oceans over time.

Non-Toxic: Wool's ability to repel dust particles means it is a great choice for pups who suffers from allergies. It has natural antibacterial properties, too, and can be used in hospitals and many other environments where it helps avoid the spread of infections. Dog bodies tend to overheat in warm environments and wool can absorb moisture, making it ideal for keeping warm in winter or cool in summer. Your pet’s health is incredibly important to us so we never add any extra nasty chemicals or sprays to any of our products as well.

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As consumers become more conscious of their shopping habits, they’re looking not only for eco-friendly products. They’re also concerned about sustainable business practices across the board…The Life of Riley is always working to find more ways to be more eco-friendly. 

Carbon‑neutral: We are passionate about sustainability and neutralising shipping emissions where possible so The Life of Riley is now using Planet! — Carbon‑neutral shipping to offset the carbon emissions from your order (at no extra cost to you).

With Planet, every time we ship an order, we will support some of the most promising climate solutions on Earth. Each project has been vetted by the Shopify Sustainability Fund, which has committed more than $30 million to these same projects.

Sustainable Packaging: Where possible, The Life of Riley uses recyclable or compostable packaging. We use recyclable cardboard boxes and packaging, compostable mailer bags, and our dog treat bags are home-compostable too. We also do our best to keep plastic tape to a minimum!

Warehouse Recycling: We go through a few cardboard boxes with new stock coming in but we always recycle on behalf of our suppliers, as well as re-using cardboard boxes for clients’ orders where we can too! We work with our suppliers and wholesalers to reduce individual shipments and limit return shipping.

Vacuum Sealed: Our beds are vacuum sealed to reduce our footprint! We developed specifically sized packaging and mailers for all our products, we get everything as small as we can (especially the beds) and we keep our boxes as light as possible by not adding extra collateral or materials. Vacuum sealing all dog beds so they ship smaller, to prevent unnecessary wastage and emissions. Our Vacuum seal bag has a zip-lock seal and a plug to make it reusable for the customers too!

Let’s not forget New Zealand’s favourite Poop Bags!

Our 100% plastic-free poop bags are certified compostable, high quality, eco-friendly, and designed to break down in the ground (not in your hand!) without leaving any harmful microplastics. Check them out here:

As you can see, we put in a lot of effort to prioritise sustainability and accountability wherever we can at The Life of Riley. We are always doing things thoughtfully by thinking ahead and looking at how our actions impact the environment and surroundings… We believe that our best friends deserve the very best…but without harming the planet. The Life of Riley is a mindful brand that shares your ethical values.